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Every Friday throughout the year (if the streets are dry) we'll make a skate tour through Amsterdam of about 20 kilometers. Anyone can join in, free of charge. Participation is allowed under the condition that you are a skilled skater who is able brake well. If it turns out you cannot keep up or if you are not skilled enough, you will be asked to leave the tour and practise more before you join again.

The volunteers do their best to make every skate tour through the city safe. Despite of all our safety measurs, you always skate at your own risk! The organisers of the tour, the volunteers or the Skate! Foundation do not accept any responsibility for injuries or damages.


The use of a helmet, wrist-, elbow- and knee protection is strongly recommended!



Where the round bench" next to the Film museum in the Vondelpark
Gathering:  Fridays 20.00 h (20.15 h in the winter)  
Start:  20.30 hrs 
Return:  22.30 hrs (approx.)



Parking tip:
From 21.00u, parking is free in the Emmalaan (parkside) and the surrounding streets. And when you turn right inside the parc, you can ho straight to The Ronde Bankje!

Take care, the parking meters do not accept coins, bring your chipknip.