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The routes of the FNS are famous and notorious. Famous because they go over stretches of asphalt where you never go as a single skater: as a group we just use the main road! Notorious because we sometimes use the more chalenging roads: bridges that are just a little bit steep, parking garages, brick-paved roads along the canals, tunnels, sidewalks, you name it.

If you ride with us, you dont need to worry about the route. Just look around and enjoy. Our route planners always take care that we return to the Vondelpark. With one or two stops in between.

Every week we make a new route. Preferably in a different direction every time, so that everyone sees spots that he/she has never seen or been before. Discover Amsterdam on a Friday night!

The coming routes can be found at the left hand side of the homepage. You can see the new route before we actually skate it and afterwards look on the map where we've actually been. We've collected the routes of several years in this map ►. Look at all those places we go to!.

You can also see the route on a suitable mobile phone. Use the WEB-browser of your mobile phone to go to http://www.fridaynightskate.com/route ►.

All routes of the FNS you'll find on www.afstandmeten.nl ►

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